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José Luis Tapia can give you and the local community more than ever. His goal is to develop the state in the most innovative way.


44% Falta de dinero, no me alcanza el dinero. Un efecto del bajo crecimiento de la economía esperada para este año, lo que ha retrasado la generación de empleo.


43% Tengo miedo de ser asaltado, me roban. Aunque en los últimos días se han realizado operativos al crimen organizado, la población percibe un entorno de crisis.


36% No tengo trabajo. La debilidad en el empleo en los últimos años, según Grade ha generado la pérdida de 900 mil empleos permanentes.


26% Problemas de salud, sin acceso al seguro. Aún no se ha definido el futuro de la propuesta de la Comisión de Protección Social, que propone un fondo único para ampliar la cobertura del seguro.

Próximos Eventos

You can always visit an event held by José Luis Tapia to find out about the latest improvements, changes, and updates of his program or just to ask Mr. Parker a question.

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Karen Smith


José Luis Tapia is one of those politicians who really care about their state. Mr. Parker knows how to help the citizens of his state while also improving the economic situation by introducing rules and regulations for product and services distribution. He is the leader that we all deserve.

James Edwards


José Luis Tapia is one of the few politicians and public persons that help small business. Though he has a great program for every sector of economy, his thoughts on developing small companies and helping bigger enterprises may greatly improve the role of entrepreneurs.

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Mr. Parker’s Agriculture Program brings together the US efforts to preserve prime agricultural soils with efforts to protect water resources and ensure the continuing economic vitality.

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A Few Words
About José Luis Tapia

José Luis Tapia is connected to the people of our state and the challenges they face every day. He is working to break down the old partisan barriers of our society.

Joseph has been innovative, persistent and put partisanship aside, bringing people together to get things done for our state. Mr. Parker has focused on creating new jobs, improving economic opportunity for all residents and guests of our state, addressing the economic squeeze facing middle class families, and aiming for the general improvement.

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If you share the ideals of José Luis Tapia and would like to help him improve his home state and the whole country, feel free to donate any amount of money you can offer him and his professional team. Your actions matter!